Athlete Spotlight: Krista Francis-Raymah

Trinidad and Tobago | Fire Service

By Del Moon


Krista Francis-Raymah Keeps Her Sunny Side Up


The Caribbean is known for its sunshine, and Krista Francis-Raymah, retired from the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service, brings her smile and sunny disposition wherever she travels. 


Krista has been a regular figure on the medal podium at the World Police and Fire Games for her track and field performances, most recently winning two Gold and two Silver medals at the 2023 World Police and Fire Games in Winnipeg. Her consistent athletic prowess and positive spirit was recognized when Krista was inducted into the World Police and Fire Games Hall of Fame in 2022.


“It’s great! Traveling is one of my hobbies,” she exclaims. “I enjoy every minute of this. I’m going to push to get a big team to come to Birmingham in 2025.”


Athletics has always been part of Krista’s life. She started running at 8 years old, and in her first track competition, she won her first race and then won the high jump. At that moment she was hooked on sports. She is quick to add that medals and winning is not the only reason motivating her.


“You want to win, of course, and I’m very competitive,” she asserts. “But after the race, we all hug each other. I love the camaraderie, and making lifelong friendships is special.”


Krista, 59, says her sport activity helped direct her towards her firefighting career due to her excellent physical fitness. “I was influenced by a family friend who is now passed who encouraged me to enter the service,” she explains. “I love helping people. As a fire officer, we interact with the kids and are always prepared to help people in distress. If your house is on fire, someone is in distress.


“You have to keep your body in shape and eat properly to stay in the winner’s circle, and also to do the work of a firefighter,” she concludes. 


The cheery track speedster is proud of her accomplishments and recognition. “I wanted to be a top professional athlete in my country,” she recalls. “It never happened early, but has happened at a masters level. That’s because I have kept consistent with what I was doing so I could achieve the highest level, and now I am in the World Police and Fire Games Hall of Fame!”


Krista is also particularly interested in being a positive influence to young people, especially females. “I am always encouraging women and girls who aspire to be in sports. I encourage them to start at a young age and build it up to be what you want to be.” She then adds with a laugh, “Look at where it got me!”