The 2025 World Police & Fire Games will be hosted throughout the Greater Birmingham region from June 27 to July 6. The local planning and management team is the Birmingham Host Committee. Sports Coordinators for the 2025 World Police & Fire Games (WPFG) will be part of the overall Sports Competition Team.  This team will assist in planning, overall competition coordination, and gametime implementation of each sport.  Each Sports Coordinator will be assigned a specific area or sport.

This volunteer role will be part of the foundation creating a successful competition plan in coordination with all appropriate organizations, including WPFG Federation Sport Directors, Sport Technical Teams, Venue Staff, and BHM 2025 Staff.

Responsibilities will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Assist with all 3 phases: pre-event planning, event time, post-event
  • Participate in monthly planning meetings
  • Utilize templates and forms as provided for planning purposes and documentation
  • Assist with event time scheduling during bracketing
  • Coordinate with appropriate Teams to identify assets needed, create overall operation, and personnel plan
  • Support sports specific volunteer needs identification and recruitment
  • Serve as the event lead for officials, timing scoring personnel during competition
  • Coordinate with all appropriate Planning Teams to develop and implement scoring and results process
  • Coordinate with venue and Medal Ceremony Team to develop and execute medal presentation ceremonies
  • Serve as a key member of the venue team that includes Operations, Security, Medical, Transportation and Volunteers

Time Commitment

In general, this position will require an average minimum of 5-10 hours a month in 2023. After your sport is assigned and Games time approaches, the hours will likely increase to an average of 20-30 hours per month. Each sport will require a different number of hours to fulfill the tasks. Once your sport is assigned, you will receive a more detailed job description outlining all the tasks associated with that specific sport. 

Note: Time off will be expected around and during the conduct of your sport during the Games period.

Benefits of Being a Sports Coordinator

Being a sport coordinator at a multi-sport event offers a range of benefits, including organizational experience, networking opportunities, skill development, subject matter expertise in a specific sport, exposure to event operations, contribution to sports development, and personal satisfaction.

  • Official BHM 2025 WPFG Gear
  • 4 tickets to Opening Ceremony
  • Invitation to post Games Appreciation event
  • Lasting friendships
  • Physical fitness
  • Sharing your love of the sport with other Athletes/First Responders
  • Building relationships with community members
  • Practicing your leadership skills
  • Spending quality time with your work family outside of the line of duty


"If you play, officiate, coach or just have a strong interest in a particular sport offered within the Games structure - you can do this! Sports Coordinators will receive full support from within the Birmingham Host Committee. Represent one of the eligible entities per the World Police and Fire Games Federation. Knowledgeable or experience in an area, sport or event management.

To show your interest please click the button below to complete the interest form. We will contact you and discuss next steps to becoming part of our team.